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16th Dec 2020

Christmas is coming

I hope that everyone has a good Christmas and that you are not on your own (unless you want to be). For the first time we are home this year as my uncle is vulnerable so we have decided not to put hi...
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28th Oct 2020

Autumn is here

Well Autumn is here I love all the trees/leaves changing colour and ground covered with leaves, until they get wet and slippery. I know I have been quiet for longer than usual, been waiting for ...
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28th Sep 2020

Working (and buying) alone

I am now in week 4 of working alone which is taking some getting used to, I still say we and us and talk to myself a lot, apart from feeling a bit lonely, I think I am alright - still spending money,...
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4th Sep 2020

New Start For Online Shop

Well the physical shop has now closed and changed from blue to grey. Joan and I enlisted the help of our husbands, which meant we could tell them what to do (makes a change) and between us we clear...
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8th Jul 2020

Must remember to blog

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not brilliant at blogging, instagramming or facebooking so this is a new area for me and I am going to set reminders every week (or two) to make sure that I keep yo...
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9th Jun 2020

Technology nightmare

Oh my goodness this has all been a huge learning curve, I didn't realise how difficult it is to follow instructions (probably just me) and to remember them. Completely under the illusion that I had a...
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