Christmas is coming

Released On 16th Dec 2020

I hope that everyone has a good Christmas and that you are not on your own (unless you want to be). For the first time we are home this year as my uncle is vulnerable so we have decided not to put him at risk and are going to have a pretend Christmas later in the year.  We do this every year with with the rest of the family so end up having at least 2 every year.

I actually had two deliveries this week which was exciting - the Spectratastic 2 range from Giucy Giuce by Andover fabrics which consists of 20 colours with a random speckle effect and some white on cream/white on white fabrics which I like to use rather than a plain fabric.

Its been a huge learning curve this year and I'm still not there yet but am enjoying working in a warm, quiet space surrounded by colour and a view of the garden which continually reminds me that in the Spring it will need to be sorted but for now I can look at it through the rain and feel no pressure to go out there and move rubble and weeds.

I still see some of our old customers, have lovely telephone conversations with new ones who have given me some good tips even if not fabric related.  One makes the most wonderful Christmas Cakes, one makes so many quilts for Linus - she just recently donated 18 and is now working on more over the Christmas holiday, one helps me with straight talk when I think I am rubbish and others are just so incredibly kind. Thank you to everyone..

I will be here during the Christmas break so if you need anything just email me and I will do my best to help 

Have a brilliant Christmas and New Year





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