New Year news

Released On 18th Jan 2022

New Year News     

At long last we are slowly emerging from our homes and meeting up again.  We did start the Sewing Bees in September in small numbers, with plenty of ventilation and thankfully we have all survived.  Everything always seems better when coming out of Winter, the nights get slowly lighter and although it's still cold we have had those lovely blue skies, frosty mornings and crisp cold - must be good as I have actually started walking again in an effort to try and shift all the lockdown weight. Going to take some time and a lot more walking!

Classes are now being organised along with dates for the Sewing Bees and Open days, also organising a charity event in a couple of months so will give more information in a few weeks time.  

A few more ranges arrived just before Christmas which are all completely different 


Jungle Fever by Stacey Iest Hsu for Moda - striking colours I love the bright pink and peacock green/blue combination with the contrast of jungle animals 


Make Time by Aneela Hooey for Moda - soft colours in shades of pale pink, blue and cream


                               Lady Bird by Crystal Manning for Moda - 

                               Flowers in shades of blues and warm yellows



All of these are now loaded onto the website which seems to have taken a long time over the Christmas break. 

I hope you are all sewing and keeping warm 


Bags in Top picture made by Joan in Tilda Clara Red fabric

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