Working (and buying) alone

Released On 28th Sep 2020

I am now in week 4 of working alone which is taking some getting used to, I still say we and us and talk to myself a lot, apart from feeling a bit lonely, I think I am alright - still spending money, still buying fabric and still surrounded by fabric so no change there.

Held my first Open Day last Friday which went well, it was lovely to see old customers and to talk about colour and help with choosing fabric.  I probably talked way too much as it was so exciting to see normal people and talk about things that interest me - fencing, building work and cars were not mentioned once - hoorah.

I still have space on the shelves in my work room at the moment as waiting for a few ranges to arrive including the new collection from Maureen McCormick who you may know (if you are old enough) from the Brady Bunch -  .  I like the range of colours and it is quite subtle, also reminds me of dresses I had as a child

A Blooming Bunch by Maureen McCormick

Did take a day out last week to visit Newt House, if you like gardens it is well worth a visit. Apparently it was shown on Gardner's World a couple of weeks ago and Monty Don is my husbands new man crush so he wanted to go.  We were lucky with the weather and even saw a hummingbird moth amongst the flowers. So we have made lists of plants for the garden, which is still in the planning stage, and even have ideas for the allotment as they have a weed free plot which is amazing (if that is your thing) I just like things to be in order so it appealed to me 

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