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Released On 7th May 2021

Paper Piecing

Over the last month or so I have been playing around with a new shape, or if its not new then it is just new to me.  After spending ages with graph paper and bits of card this is the result and because the shape has to be precise I asked a local company to laser cut it for me which means the pieces have a slight colour on the edge but I don't mind that as they almost look vintage.  Template and paper pieces come in either large or small and after getting the templates made I have spent most of my time making samples. Started with the larger shape as I had fabrics I wanted to fussy cut - the Golden Aster flowers from Riley Blake and the French Bees from Renee Nanneman mixed with checks and spots. The flower in the middle is from Shirley @stitcherydo, she took some of the larger paper pieces in the morning and in the afternoon sent me this sample!

curved diamond fussy cut          Curved diamond bees Curved diamond flower



I have appliqued the smaller diamond as flowers (main photo in heading) and thought they could also be used as a frame if you have something you would really like to highlight

curved diamondcurved diamond scraps

Luckily I have not been inundated with new fabric at the moment or I would still be making samples to show it off - the French Bees came in a few weeks ago and I have been holding my breath every time delivery vehicles are in the area in the hope they don't stop.

I would be interested to hear what you think (in a kind way). 

Happy sewing 

Debby x 



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