Technology nightmare

Released On 9th Jun 2020

Oh my goodness this has all been a huge learning curve, I didn't realise how difficult it is to follow instructions (probably just me) and to remember them.  Completely under the illusion that I had a very high IQ and was incredibly clever - wrong. The website is now live and I have even had my first online order - hurrah. Also had visitors who would rather look at the fabric and then buy which means I can talk to someone else rather than myself.

Thankfully my training has been online and recorded at the same time so when I forget something I can watch and listen to my very patient website developer go through the instructions.  

Joan visited yesterday so we could sit, sew and catch up on what we are both doing and she bought me these roses which are now sitting on my desk. Sewing and quilting can bring amazing friends into your life, since I started quilting over 20 years ago I have met some lovely people a lot of them have become friends who i now regularly meet for either coffee or to sew with and over lockdown this  was a great comfort, so when i moan about technology I have to remember that without facebook/instagram/email it would be a much more isolated place.
Keep sewing 

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